Tooth-Type Hinged Fasteners 

They are produced in non-magnetic stainless steel suitable for food contact and are recommended when a minimum over-thickness allowance respect to the conveyor belt is requested as well as for operation with small-diameter rollers.

Rivet-Hinged  Fasteners System

V.A.T offers one of the most complete ranges of copper rivet-hinged metal fasteners systems, thanks to three application solution: with long nails, with nails on brittle plastic holder bars, with nails calibrated according to the thickness of the conveyor belt, both loose as well as on holder bars.

Snap-Fit Hinged Fasteners

The NY30 nylon hinged fasteners are ideal for conveyor belts which have a metal detector and they are suitable to come into contact with any type of food.

Tools and Equipment

For an assembly in accordance with the best working standards we recommend the use of tools and equipment that are reasonably priced and allow an easy and quick application.